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All Shore Fiberglass in Middletown, New Jersey, manufactures reliable and quality fiberglass roofs and liners at a competitive rate. Our fiberglass installation services provide you with a new alternative.
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Fiberglass Roofs

Request the creation of a fiberglass roof that can be made out of a variety of colors, like beige, gray, or other classic colors. These roofs are manufactured with polyester resin featuring a 2 oz. chopped mat, and then a final nonskid gel coat goes over a second layer of dry plywood. After about 15 years you have to apply another gel coat.

Your fiberglass roof lasts anywhere between 15 to 30 years, depending on how much sun exposure it receives. We efficiently flash the post for the railing and install door pans. Additionally, we offer installation of final sheeting of plywood for fiberglass roofing.

Fiberglass Shower Pan Liners

Our company makes shower pan liners with polyester resin with a 2 oz. chopped mat and final gel coat. This is put on the shower floor, along with the option of bench and soap dish installation. The pan liner is national plumbing code approved as a shower pan liner after the fiberglass is installed. This service is completed primarily within a 4 hour timespan and water tested after 24 hours.
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